Saturday, November 28, 2009

We are LIVE!

Super-quick update (Bob's taking a quick power-nap between programming songs, so I am swiping the computer very briefly before setting the Christmas tree up with the kids):

Holiday light show ran successfully last night, both at Glencoe Hospital(with a five song loop), and at our house(currently 2 songs are finished, 3 should be running tonight, 4 done by the end of the weekend, and hopefully a 5th to follow at some point)....we are now LIVE!

We are so proud of Bob and his creative talents. The programs are amazing, and so intricate and detailed. It is simply beyond my comprehension how he manages it all.

Here is a sample from the Glencoe show: with the 20 foot tall metal mega tree, and 8 arches Bob constucted with pvc pipe, this canvas allows some fun things Bob is able to accomplish which he can not do in our tiny little cul-de-sac sliver of a front yard.

"White Christmas" by Go Fish

Our display has had to play second fiddle to the Glencoe show, as there were definite deadlines set out there, with Santa making an appearance, and the whole community Light Show Reveal Friday evening at the hospital grounds. But after countless hours of programming into the wee hours of night and morning, Bob managed to squeak out 2 songs to begin our own show Friday night as well. He will continue to work on songs throughout the weekend to make our count up to four songs by the early part of next week. Bob's new additions to our yard this year are 8 pvc arches lining our driveway(as the ones he made for Glencoe), a homemade bush to complete a set of 4 in front, and a makeshift megatree around the lampost.

Here is a short sample of the show at our house as well (sorry about the shakiness--Tubby kept climbing on me and grabbing my arm in the front seat to get a better view):

Alvin and the Chipmunks


Alyssa said...

Yea! I was wondering when you'd start your light show. Gotta bring the kids over soon! Maybe even a couple times this season! So fun!

Alison said...

Please post the entire video of the show at your house! I'm dying to see it!

Alyssa said...

Do you have lights going at your house every night or just weekends?

Zajac Family said...

Lights run every night from 4;30 to 10pm until Jan6.

I'll have to figure out how to post to youTube to get a complete video up.....blogger won't take the whole thing, and I am not techy enough to figure it out!

grandma c. said...

Fantastic as usual--looking forward to the whole show & hope to see the Glencoe one also this year.