Sunday, January 27, 2008

Finally Home

One more hockey game this morning as we played for the consolation trophy. The kids made a valiant effort, but ultimately lost in sudden death overtime. This team is really incredible....despite so many losses, the kids never seem to let it get to them! They all walk out of the locker room just as they had walked in....still smiles, still witty, just happy that they got to play hockey. These kids all love the is fantastic!

We got home around noon, and were reunited with the other boys shortly thereafter when Grandma Z and Lyle brought them all back from church. By the end of these weekends, we are all so ready to be home and be all together again, even though we all had a good time doing our own different things. Two hours later, we were (except for Alex, Laura and daddy) out the door to hockey again....this time it was a practice for Crispy. Melissa has really been a great trooper through all of this as she really has no interest in hockey, but has now been to 4 events in 36 hours without complaining. What a good girl!

We left hockey early to go to evening church. I had miscalculated the time it would take to get there, and we were 15 minutes late. Oops! Isn't that one of the reasons I have a GPS in my car? The kids still got an hour of rehearsal in, and Michael and I did not miss any of the message, so things ended up working out OK. Tubby was sad in the nursery~I think he just wants to be home. Ultimately, that is where we all finally ended up this evening by 9pm after picking up Alex at youth group. Whew....what a weekend for everyone. It is so good to be home!

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