Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tiny Tubby

Tubby had his regular 9 month well-visit today (yes, it is a little late...he is almost 10 months old). He is still just a little dude, coming in at only 25% for height and 30% for weight. All of our other boys were 90% and over! I really think that he may have Grandpa Z's height genes! Thomas is a perfect 20 pounds, and is doing well.

The doctor also found a surprise "nasty-looking" ear infection in his left ear. Poor baby! That explains some of his more recent squirrliness at night. He actually was a bit challenging when we were at the hotel over the weekend, but I had figured that it was just because we were away from home. This time, he was given 2 shots of Rocephin(antibiotic) since he refuses to swallow anything. He also was given some numbing ear drops to help him feel more comfortable.

We picked up (gross) McDonald's for lunch before getting Crispy at the bus stop....it was a treat for Laura for her very good behavior at the doctor's office. She actually allowed me to have a conversation with our doctor today without constant interruptions. I also had a horrible headache, and the thought of making food for the kids made me nauseous(even more so than the thought of McDonalds, I guess). When I picked up Alex at 5:45, we stopped at the grocery store (still with a monster headache), to pick up Tubby's medicine and to find something quick to make at home involving REAL food. I got enough stuff for 2 large separate meals, but the funny thing was, when we got home, I ended up making a yummy tator-tot hotdish from stuff I had already in the house. I hadn't made this in 15 years....back when we lived in an apartment. Jonny found a recipe online as I was cooking the meat, and it turned out great! And now I have a dinner plan for Wednesday and Thursday!

Jonny had his second basketball practice tonight, and he was so excited. It is nice to see him looking forward to something! He feels very comfortable getting rebounds and is a good defense-man with his height. He gets to play his first games next weekend while we are at another hockey tournament. This time the girls will be going with us and the Grandmas are going to take turns taking him to his games....Jonny will enjoy the special treatment!

I am now happy to have made it through the long day despite a killer headache....time just doesn't stop when you are a mommy, regardless of how much it seems like you can not possibly go on. I have a friend (you know who you are!) who takes a nap nearly every single day AND gets to go exercise too.....I can't imagine the luxury of either of those things, much less both...it truly seems impossible, and I have no idea how she does it! My wonderful husband is massaging my neck while I lay here on the couch feeding the baby and watching American Idol that Jonny recorded while we were at basketball. Things aren't that bad afterall.

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Alison said...

That friend does NOT have seven children to feed, clothe, take places, or watch in various sporting activities. I guarantee that friend will be just as busy and crazy as you are in about ten years. I imagine she will still take naps though.