Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fitting into Place

I knew that there was a REAL reason behind not going to the dentist for 10 is because only bad things come out of visiting the dentist. Why go?

Today I had to go back to "fit" one of my molars for a crown. Gee, I thought only old people got crowns. It was a blast for nearly 90 minutes of drilling, sanding, molding, and other oral horrors. Last time, my teeth hurt for 3 days after just the cleaning.....I can't wait to experience the intensity of pain that this work is going to cause. The cherry on top was my dentist's surprise when I spoke of the type of pain I have been having, leading him to mention the "R" word...root canal. WHAT?!?!?!? I simply came in for a checkup a few weeks ago, and now I have signed up for 2 crowns and a possible root canal? I'll bet at least a bit of this is my fault for waiting so long. Let this be a lesson to all of you who have not visited your own dentist in a while!

Before subjecting myself to the above mentioned tortures this morning, I bathed Thomas twice (I think he's having intestinal reactions to his antibiotic shot), successfully planned a spontaneous birthday party for Crispy with his friends for tomorrow, and managed to get a shower in for myself. It was quite the productive morning! After the appointment, the kids and I got to enjoy some nice time visiting with Grandma C. We even reserved seats for my birthday dinner on Saturday.....this is an impressive thing, as it is with great difficulty with which I am able to make a decision these days. For fun, the kids were introduced to my new method of cleaning which arrived in the mail today: a designated bin for "Put Away", "Throw Away", and "Give Away"(visit Crispy got the hang of it right away, but to his dismay, Laura had her own ideas, and had plenty of rationales why everything should be added to the "Throw Away" bin. At one point, she took a toy from Thomas saying, "Sorry, Thomas. I don't like toys.'" and proceeded to "throw away" all of his toys too. She was so funny with her mom and I got a good dose of laughing medicine this afternoon. I may have some tweaking to do with this system.

I cooked up wonderful chicken and steak fajitas for dinner tonight, and realized that we had had 4 nights of home cooked meals in a row without resorting to leftovers and "punting" for food. Wow! That is exciting, and makes me feel great to be eating certainly healthier for almost one week. I love to cook and am looking forward to meal planning again and shopping ahead of time like I use to make time to do. It really does make a difference, and probably saves us a bit of money too!

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