Sunday, January 20, 2008


Schedule too busy to blog.....I have only been home 2 hours today, been to church twice, to Target & a small grocery trip, Crispy was at hockey at the U of MN all day (thankfully he went with a friend), Alex is at youth group and then will be off to a movie, and I will be off to another hockey game in half an hour.

Oh! But church was awesome! We have started a 42 week series that began the first Sunday in January and will go all year long......"The Jesus Ultimatum".....we are learning exactly all that Jesus commands us to do. Sure, we have heard it all before, but not spelled out so clearly or as "blindingly insightful"(thanks, Bob!). This was the third week already, and it has all been very inspiring. It is going to be an amazing year. If you are interested, the messages are uploaded online onto the church website located under LINKS to the right.

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