Saturday, January 26, 2008

Some Good Hockey!

Michael has been the checking force on his team for a few months, but it is time for him to step it up a bit. He has been a team captain, and he is a leader by example on his team. He has the checking part down without a problem. Now, he needs to act like he wants the puck, and then go get it!

After a night's sleep lacking a bit on hours, Michael was ready for that precise challenge today. He went out there and played like the great player he is. The most exciting was a breakaway he got where he skated the puck all the way down and scored a goal! Yay, Michael! The team lost, but they played well, and Michael was on fire the whole game. He was awarded the game puck at the end....a high honor, indeed. The girls were good sports during the game, and actually spent most of the time chanting Wildcat cheers (dolls included)they had learned at school. It was pretty cute.

Between games, I took the girls (Melissa, Laura, and the neighbor girl), and Tubby to waste some time walking the toy aisles in the Wal-Mart next to our hotel. Bob took a much needed nap, and Michael ran around the hotel with his friends. The second game proved to be as exciting as the first, and then even more so as we won! Our second win of the season! The kids played really well as a team....great passing, great hustle, great teamwork. Now that is something to be excited about!

We had pizza back at the hotel, and I brought the girls to the pool. Tonight there was a whole hockey team in there (not ours), and it was quite rowdy. My girls were intimidated by the atmosphere and only lasted a few minutes before wanting to go back to the room. Once back, they played with some of their recent finds from the earlier Wal-Mart trip. Laura showed us that she is a natural puzzle master as she did and redid a 24 piece Dora puzzle all by herself. She was so proud. Melissa was thrilled to share her new Littlest Pet Shop video game with the other hockey sisters. Bob made an appearance as our family representative at the end of the hall where the hockey parents from our team were hanging out in their makeshift bar in the party room(not my cup of tea). And Thomas learned a new trick.....the army crawl! He was keeping himself busy moving all over the floor and from room to room in our hotel suite. Golly....I can't stop him from growing up, can I? Maybe this will help to calm his screaming habit.

More hockey tomorrow morning at 9am as we play for the consolation trophy. Go Wildcats!

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