Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ten Thumbs Up!

It has been a long time since we have had a relaxing, non-eventful day. Today our slower pace started 2 hours later than usual as the schools delayed opening due to the frigid cold. The kids enjoyed lounging this morning and leisurely getting something to eat into their tummies instead of scarfing down the usual breakfast bar from the backseat of the truck. Leaving the house at 9:30am certainly seemed like a much more humane time of day to begin the rumble of our lives.

Once home again from dropping of the kids, I excitedly grabbed my cleaner bottle in one hand and rag in the other, only to find that there was nothing left to clean....I had done it all the night before! Who am I??? I searched frantically for something....I wanted to continue testing my new cleaners. I ended up conquering the kitchen cabinets around the sink and stove/oven area. There was about 3-1/2 years of splatter aplenty to be found. Once again, I was not disappointed with the results. And even if no one else notices, I feel great about this accomplishment and progress in my home. (Oh...little side note here.....I do not wear gloves when I clean because I have some latex sensitivity. So normally after cleaning even just a little bit, the skin on my fingers is peeling away and dryer than the Mojave Desert. But after several hours of playing with my cleaning products yesterday, all of the epidermal layers on my hands remain intact, as well as each of my thin little fingernails! Wow!!)

Once Bob came home from work, we got to spice things up a bit with a surprise viewing of the new Veggietales movie. It was hilarious! Veggietales has been a hit in our house since Alex was little and we first discovered it (I think Grandma introduced us?). Nothing can beat the great Biblical messages for kids that is interwoven in these entertaining and wholesome stories. Not to mention how intriguingly it can hold our more discriminating adult attention spans also. The kids all loved it, and the girls even stayed awake for the entire thing....that says a lot since neither of them can make it much past the middle of any given movie. We learned that not all pirates are bad, even rock monsters are adorable, the Father provides you with everything you need when you follow the path He desires to send you on, and that you'd better think twice before eating your next cheese curl. The two older boys decided that next time they would like to come with us....they had realized they had made the wrong choice to stay home and that it is impossible to outgrow Veggietales. It rated an astounding ten thumbs up in our book!

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