Monday, January 28, 2008

Machine 1, Mom 0

Back to reality today! It started off great....a load of laundry in the washer, dishes cleaned and put away, and the bags from the weekend emptied and put away upstairs. We even made it out of the house this morning around 7:30am to get Jonny to school patrol on time.

After picking up Crispy at the bus stop and Michael from band, I took the boys to our favorite hair salon in town to get haircuts. Crispy loves to get his hair cut really short in back~he likes the soft fuzzy feel of a new buzz. Michael is protective of his "hockey hair", and was pleased that he came away with a trim that made his hair look better, but not look cut. We then had lunch at a great little coffee shop in town, The Mocha Monkey. We discovered that in addition to great drinks and smoothies, they also have fabulous stuffed pretzels and pannini grilled sandwiches. This is one of the coolest places in town....the building is like a house, with many different rooms upstairs and down, comfortable seating and relaxing atmosphere. With all the places to hide away, I don't have to worry so much about the kids bothering the other people there.

The baby fell asleep on the short drive home, so I took this rare opportunity to play with Crispy and Laura outside before the weather was suppose to turn nasty. We built a little snowman that glistened in the warm sunshine of today. We topped him off with a party hat and blower....he looked quite he should be, being that it is his birthday and all. Laura insisted that we also make him a car with tires. I'm not sure where she thought he had to go requiring wheels! The baby woke up when I brought him inside, and was not a very happy camper. He decided to restart his relentless crying and fussing. Golly....

When Jonny and Melissa came home, I took the opportunity to hand the baby over to his favorite sibling and go upstairs to finally change my wash to the dryer. To my *delight*, the washer was broken and jammed. I spent 45 minutes emptying my front loader manually of the water (this is not a very mess-free task), and clearing the drain hose. Hmmmm....a little black comb had gotten stuck in the drain. It seemed to work placing it all on spin cycle once again, but not quite.

Meanwhile, Alex called and needed a ride home after his math league. We picked up dinner at our favorite Chinese Restaurant because it was clear that things were spiralling out of control at home. While we waited for our dinner, we ran over to the grocery store to quickly stock up on a few essentials (one being a new cell phone battery as mine only lasts about an hour on standby and 5 minutes if someboday calls me) so that we would be comfy, cozy, and well fed during this coming winter storm. Once home, we enjoyed an early dinner, and the baby that had been apparently fine for Jonny while we were out, started his wailing for me. At 6pm, reinforcement was welcomed in the form of Grandma Z......She said something about me looking terrible (or maybe just tired). I asked her to hold the baby for just a minute so I could change loads of wash. That "minute" translated into about 40 such minutes.....

After throwing the now mildew laden towels dripping on the floor into the washer, I discovered that nothing had been fixed, and once again found myself manually draining the machine. I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS KIND OF THING!!!! With this many kids, my washer is essential to me...I use it several times a day. At this point, I was exhausted and out of ideas, all of my muscles hurt from bringing in 6 bags of softener salt from the car earlier, the baby was crying, Bob was working out of town until Tuesday night, and my good day had taken a turn. I think that I was most disappointed about not being able to try my new natural cleaners that arrived from Shaklee. Grandma Z was nice enough to bring Jonny to cub scouts tonight.....thank you! I do not think I could have done it tonight. I was ready to hand in my two weeks notice tonight, but my boss (me) refused to accept it. Now I have to go to bed, exhausted, and feeling defeated by my very own washing machine. *sigh*

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Alison said...

I have so been there sister. Just remember to "just keep swimming, just keep swimming, what do we do? we swim!" (that's Dory from FN in case you don't have a preschooler around to remind you). Next time you can call me and I will cry with you.