Friday, January 25, 2008

On and On it Goes

Today was once again filled with the now usual barrage of screaming and crying each time the baby was put down. It must be a bad habit. It made packing for our weekend hockey tournament challenging and gruelling. This time, the girls get to come with us. Unlike the boys, who I can just ask to pack their things, the girls need a bit more help. If the boys screw up and pack things that really don't make sense, it doesn't really matter....they are boys, no one cares how they look. If the girls pack something odd, not only do they look strange, but they themselves notice, and will be bothered. This really is not such a hard task, but doing anything in this screaming house of horror has been rather difficult lately.

Bob was not impressed when he came home at 5:30 and we were not immediately ready to walk out the door. The screaming baby excuse doesn't work for him, nor does he understand nor believe it. Though I do have resident witnesses who will vouch for me! We finally left sometime after 6pm, and got up to Litchfield by 7:45pm.....time aplenty for the girls to do a little bit of hotel swimming. They had been looking forward to this exact moment for 2 weeks!! Thomas enjoyed kicking his feet in the water and being part of the group. He is trying so hard to grow up! At about 9:30pm, I brought the girls back to the room to get ready for bed. Unfortunately the wireless internet service was down in the room, so that made for an even more irritated daddy.

Nighty night, sleep tight....lots of hockey tomorrow!

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