Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Better Side of Crazy

Today would have been a lovely day for a bike ride. I must have had that thought 100 times today. Things kept getting in the way of that elusive ride. Not that it was busy and crazy like yesterday, just steady with little things in the way. So the only one who got in a bike ride today was fact, he must have gotten in about 3 today! Lucky boy!

Melissa's class was nice enough to have another opportunity for parents to join them at the park today for lunch. We did not quite make it there for lunch, but it was very nice to surprise my little girl as we played with her at the park for over an hour. This 'no friends' thing of hers is really so sad. To see her all alone, all the time, without hardly any interaction with anyone else in her class. My heart can barely take the pain it must feel like for her. Kids are suppose to run carefree with their friends from one thing to another, giggling all the way. And who does Melissa have to giggle with? No one. So sad. She has been begging to homeschool next year. I will have to take it under prayerful consideration over the summer for both of our sakes. I do not know if she (or I) could handle another friendless year at the public school.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and it was relaxing to just be hanging out at the park with my kids, with no place to go. Thomas was pleased to explore new climbers and slides, and managed to make it through the event without any fingers getting smooshed by any quickly moving second grade feet. Laura survived a flinging from the merry go round, and learned that perhaps it is not always fun to try to play with the bigger kids. Crispy fit right in with the second grade crew: made me think again of how nice it would be to boost him up one year and pull Melissa back, keeping them in the same classroom for moral support alone. Of course, we will not do this, but I really wonder if it would work?

After Melissa's class left the park, the other kids and I went to our new favorite uncovered eatery in town: Whole Hog Heaven. This place has been open for a year, but until reading an article in our local paper yesterday, I had not realized it was a restaurant...I thought it was a place to go to rent a pig cooker for your next outdoor Luau! I had picked up dinner from here last night and it was fantastic! Pulled pork, chicken, beef brisket, and a fabulous BBQ sauce......we just had to have it again this afternoon. Even the baby ate it up. By the way, Thomas is 14 months old today! Boo hoo hoo.....
Laura and Thomas fell asleep after we returned home, which led to a very quiet afternoon. It was a good time to mentally destress from the recent busy-ness of life. I picked up Jonny at 5:30 from his first trip to ValleyFair with his School Patrol buddies. They arrived at the school soaked from head to toe, and all smiles. Jonny had a great time trying out ALL of the big rides, and discovering that he enjoyed them all. I was glad that my awesome kid got to have a fun day to himself without so many responsibilities for once. Grandma ? helped continue to ease that responsibility burden more as she came over this evening to take charge of the little kids in my absence.

Alexander had a recognition event of his own this evening. He received an Academic Letter at the High School for his great grades and effort. It was pretty neat watching him get his first high school award.....something that he earned all by himself. Only the first of many, I am sure. Way to go, Alex! You make a Mommy proud! Too bad Daddy was not there....I did send him a Pix message of the event, although it took me the entire event trying to figure out how to do it and then finally giving up until Alex could do it for me. It is embarrassing to be so technically declining.

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