Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just Breathe

I must be really off of my game these days......I had two Grandmas at my house this evening, and I still felt like I could not keep it all together. Jonny's baseball game overlapping with Michael's band concert, a missing glove, baseball snacks, buying new cleats on the run, uniform for tonight in the dryer, waiting too long at the pick up line for dinner, picking up kids across town who had a spontaneous playdate after school, a crying baby, a lost water bottle, a missing camera battery, a girl who needed her butt wiped, neighbor kids ringing the doorbell for the 30millionth time, barking dog, ringing phone, make it stop!!! Oh, and Bob won't be home until Thursday night. Things are just so crazy....is it ever going to change? I feel so STRESSED!!!

The day went by well enough. Laura had another great swimming lesson that we made it to ON TIME. The teacher tricked all of the little trusting kids today by letting their faces drop below the water as they jumped in. Laura was last in line, so I really had figured she would refuse to jump in after seeing all of her swimming commrades go under. But either she was not paying such close attention, or she figured her beloved teacher would NEVER do such a hideous thing to her, and she trustingly jumped in, only to be met with the same fate as those who had gone before her. She was surprised, confused, and not very happy with this outcome. Her teacher had to do a bit of convincing to get Laura to trust her again. They ended up with some sort of truce, and Laura was sure to keep her face WELL above the water for the rest of the lesson.

We spent some time playing in the indoor playland before going home....a little treat for Laura's swimming efforts. Michael had kept Tubby in there for me so that I could watch Laura's lesson in peace....what a nice boy! Thomas is still not feeling well, so he began his whining tirade upon my entering the room, even though he had been perfectly happy with Michael for the previous 45 minutes. It made for a less than enjoyable stay in the playland, and I felt bad for cutting Laura's time down to only 20 minutes. My baby was driving me crazy, and I had to get him home to give him an overdue nap.

The afternoon was spent basically holding my sleeping or crabby baby. I wonder if he will get over this soon? Despite antibiotics, his nose remains running yellow/green. Unfortunately, he was enough to scare away a visit from Mary and her kids today......a visit that I could have really used to recharge for the next few weeks. Oh well, I am sure this will all be a distant non-memory once the bustle of summer vacation arrives.

Jonny had his first scrimmage tonight, and though he was down and out as I watched the first half of his game, he ended up excited as they pulled ahead and won during the end of the game. Grandma ? was his designated pick up person this evening, so she got to witness the joys of the first win. Jonny is trying so hard to find a sport that suits him, and I think that he would like it to be baseball, and perhaps basketball. He still has a mind block about batting, but his fielding skills are improving. In fact, his favorite position to play now is second base: right in the middle of all the action!

Meanwhile, my mom and I were at Michael's band concert....very impressive for a large group of 7th graders. The kids played fun music, Grandma C played a good game of audience beach ball, and Michael even looked like he was having fun (shhhhhh...don't tell him I said anything!). Such a good music program here. We were not successful in convincing Grandma to stay and watch the American Idol finale with us tonight....it was getting too late. Boy, is it nice to finally kick back and breathe again. Hmmm...wonder if I will make it through tomorrow?

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