Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hello Summer, Did You Pass Spring on the Way?

It was HOT today. Our high temperature was 88 degrees. Ugh. It was great for the kids who finally got to play out in the water outside. Yucky for me who hates to be hot, but who also had to sit outside with them to supervise while they played in the water.
After church this morning, we had a large brunch, then it was to the front yard for outdoor play the rest of the day. The kids excitedly donned their swimming suits, grabbed colorful beach towels, and bounded out the door, as excited as if they were headed to Disney World. In the Small World of our front yard, the kids set up everything they needed for an afternoon of fun: a small pool filled with water, Dora Hopscotch(or as Laura calls it, "hop-scratch") sprinkler, water guns of all sizes, and homemade water balloons out of zip lock bags. The baby was just happy to be outside, clad in nothing but his diaper, climbing up and down the front steps, again and again. The girls began making up games in the pool such as "dunk tank" and "wishing well". The boys were boys, chasing each other (and the neighbor kids) with water guns, and throwing water balloons...some from as high as the second story bathroom window. They continued to play throughout the afternoon, despite the darkened clouds and loud claps of thunder that could be heard to our north. We never got a drop of rain. Certainly feels like summer today~it is a shame that the kids still have a few more days of school!

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