Monday, May 26, 2008

A Day for Remembrance

As is fitting for the day, we spent nearly 2 hours this morning at a Memorial Day service in the park. The boys (Alex, and his friend/guest) were participating in their first marching band performance of the year, so the kids and I, along with Grandma & Grandpa C, went along to the park to support them. We got front row seats on the lawn this year, allowing us to clearly hear the multitude of speeches and stories from a variety of people~ranging from war vets to high school speech contest winners. Though these services are SO LONG, it is really a nice way to spend part of the day......that is what Memorial Day is all about. Reflecting on the price paid for the wonderful freedoms we enjoy in this beautiful country of ours is very humbling and remarkable, indeed. What a calling to serve our country. The kids did an exceptional job. Though I am certain that they were bored to tears, not understanding most of what was talked about, they sat quietly and patiently on the blanket in front of us at our feet. I suppose it helped greatly that Laura was at home....she missed coming at the last minute because she did not heed multiple warnings to stop whining, so she was left behind with daddy who was busy taking down Christmas lights. Grandpa cuddled under a warm blanket with Tubby in the cold breezes kicked up by the lake. Tubby had a nice nap on Grandpa's shoulder as they stood under a shade tree.

The band played a few patriotic songs during the program, and as always, sounded stellar. After the program, the marching band once again lined up on the street, but this time treated us all to the first sounds of their summer marching program. This year, they will be playing selections from the opera, Carmen. The piece was quite out of the ordinary for a marching band, but well played. It will be interesting to see what they do with formations and the like upon their return from band camp in early June.

The kids were rewarded for their patience by getting to play at the park for awhile. Isn't it nice how it takes so little to make kids happy? And so cheap too! Yet we still find ourselves spending so much money on them. We really need to stop doing that...they do not need it! We had bbq pork and ribs for lunch with my parents, and another round of games before they had to leave for home. With as much as they have been out here lately, and how much they will be here during the next few weeks for events, they really should rent an apartment or something! We really tried to get them to buy the house next door, but after being on the market for over one year, it finally sold last Sunday. Hope we get nice neighbors!

I drove our weekend guest home early in the afternoon. It was nice having him here....he was so easy and good, and he helped to get Alex out of his room every now and then. Adding another kid to the mix is never any trouble anymore....numbers just don't matter after a certain point (I think that point was 5 kids). Melissa is so sweet and sensitive that she cried and cried when he left for nearly 30 minutes. She cried about how nice he was, how much she missed him already, and asking if he could stay for summer vacation. Funny thing is, I don't think that they even spoke or spent any time together while he was here. That's just how sweet and emotional she is.
Jonny and the kids spent the rest of the day doing activities led by Jonathan. They decorated their own t-shirts, played games for points, and did other things that kept them busy throughout the entire day. Bob and I worked on getting more lights down...what a daunting task. I wonder which was harder....putting them up, or taking them down? Oh well, in an odd way, I guess we were at least spending some time together.

We planned on ending our vacation weekend with fireworks this evening. The kids stayed up an hour and a half past their bedtime, waiting for the show. After bundling everyone up and heading down our treacherous hill to the backyard, it became clear that our show would not be possible. It was too windy to even keep a lit flame! We figured for our safety and the safety of the neighborhood, we would postpone our fun for another evening. The kids were disappointed, but understanding.....and pretty excited about staying up so late! And daddy rewarded them with their favorite bedtime event....a real life Mario story.....they even were visited tonight by Scooby-Doo! How special!

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