Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vacation Day

We awoke to a beautiful cool morning with mild breezes beckoning us out to play. Bob & my dad had an appointment in Chaska with the awesome golf pro this morning, so we all got up early to travel back to the Golf Zone. While the adult males learned their sport, Grandma and I played mini-golf with the mini future golf pros in our company. The older boys (Alex, our teenage guest, and Michael) took to the more challenging outdoor course, as Grandma and I remained inside with the younger crew. Jonny & Crispy got the hang of it early on, and were soon many holes ahead of the rest of us. Grandma and I puttered behind with the girls who excitedly made shot after shot (after shot after shot after shot, and so on). Melissa had a nice pendulum swing on the rare shots she could curb her excitement long enough to let the ball stop rolling. Laura was more comfortable with her own unique center swing between the legs. Tubby occupied himself by taking off his socks and shoes one by one and tossing them into the streams running between the putting greens. Ha ha, he is so funny. Grandma beat us all once again, proving her innate athletic abilities. Now why was that never passed down the genetic ladder, I wonder? I managed to get some good camera shots of all of the little kids playing golf, but the big boys just ran away with their hoods over their heads. At least everyone was nice enough to cooperate for one group photo:
My dad and Bob had had a great lesson. My dad came away with some beginning confidence just as I had done the evening before. Bob said this guy is like the Oracle in The Matrix who only tells you what you need to hear, nothing more or less. Apparently, all 3 of us had completely different lessons, though we all ended up in the same place in the end. That is how talented this guy is....a true and effective teacher.
We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with my parents, playing games on the deck in the cool breezes, eating steaks from the grill, and watching the new National Treasure movie, which was good. It was a really fun and relaxing day....kind of felt like we were on summer vacation in the middle of this very very busy time of year. Ahhhhh.......

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