Friday, May 30, 2008

The Olympics

Rain, rain go away.....Jonny and Melissa want to play.

Yesterday was a wash out for the school Olympics as it rained and rained the entire day. Today was looking to be much of the same. But to everyone's delight, the rain stopped early this morning, and stayed away for the rest of the day. So though while very wet, the Olympics were a go!

Tubby, Laura, Crispy, and I spent our day running back and forth from event to event, trying to catch our Olymiads in action. From the hurdles and 200 meter dashes, to high jumps, mini golf, and hockey in the gym, basketball throws, and shoe kicks, these kids were BUSY. The highlight of the event was the Tug of War contest between the countries. Boy, are these little kids strong! Jonny's country of Trinidad made it to the afternoon finals after winning all 4 of their preliminary rounds. I am pretty sure that the reason they were so awesome was because of their incredible anchor at the end of the line. You just might be able to recognize him too!

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