Thursday, December 27, 2007

All I Want for Christmas is Some Air to Breathe

Poor Laura....she has been struggling for air since Christmas eve morning, and it is not getting better. Nebs are now being given as frequently as every 2 hours, with not much of a change in symptoms. It just breaks my heart to see her so miserable and unable to control the constricting coughs. Last year, we had barely needed to use the neb machine....I had optimistically hoped Laura was growing out of this. But this winter has been another story. I feel like we have taken several steps backwards in time with her.

Having Bob as a Pediatrician for a husband certainly has its perks. I was able to text page him for some oral steroids for Laura, and 10 minues later, it was all set up for me to pick up at the pharmacy. This is such nasty tasting stuff...bitter and gross despite supposed "great-tasting flavor" added. It is always such a struggle to get down, but it is so worth it as usually like clockwork, Laura turns the corner 24 hours after beginning the medication. This time, we are trying a chewable instead of the disgusting icky sticky liquid. It was quite easy for her to chew and swallow down with a chocolate milk chaser, but not before she tried to push all the mush back out with her tongue......apparently it still tastes awful.

My mom and I went back to the photography studio today to view the family photos. It was amazing how nice of a picture was prepared of 20 people, 12 of whom were children......with just a few head switches, it was quite a good photo! You gotta love the technology of digital photography! I am very excited to see the final product in frame and all. It will also be nice to have a new family photo hanging above our that includes cute little Tubbers with the rest of us.

Sounds like Laura needs yet another neb....please pray that things will turn around for her soon! And also, that her cousin Abi, who had her tonsils removed today, will have a very speedy and pain-free recovery!!!

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