Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's a Date!

Bob and I rarely go out. And I really mean RARELY. When we had gone out to dinner on our anniversary in May, we realized as we were driving that it had been exactly one year since our last real date. Sure, we have had alone time a lot in the past year....but it is not fair to count ER trips, and hospital stays as "dates". A real date...Once per year. That's not very often.

Tonight, we went to a lovely German restaurant in Hutchinson. Pam had given us a gift certificate last Christmas, and came over tonight to babysit to make sure that we used it. It was fabulous! It felt like we were welcomed into someone's German home, and treated to fantastic home cooked German food. So much more quaint than the restaurants in the cities. It was so relaxing just being there with my husband, not worried about the kids, enjoying the wonderful aromas, sipping on Apfel spiced wine, looking at all the pictures....I almost felt like I was back there again. The hospitality was excellent....felt like we were visiting relatives for the holidays. Sigh...perhaps someday I WILL be able to go back to Germany...Christmastime would be ultra-fabulous!

Here is an updated picture of our house. It was so beautiful today with all of the frost on the trees. It added a whole new dimension to the light show. Isn't it pretty? As Max from Max & Ruby would say, "Gorgeous!"

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Pam said...

It really was breath-taking yesterday with the added touch of frost. I wish I could have sat out in front all evening.