Thursday, December 20, 2007

Some Visits are Good

Today I did something I have not done in 10 years...I visited the dentist. I am not quite sure why it has been so long. Being busy? Bad experiences as a kid? Pain? The gross fluoride treatments? the disgusting paste they use to clean your teeth that makes me gag? I do not like going....can you tell?

I have always chosen dentists for my kids very carefully so that they will develop good habits. They have always loved going to the dentist. Really...they actually get excited about it. When we moved, I chose one here that had won Minneapolis Magazine top doc of the year. He's great. I finally got up the nerve the last time my kids were in to see him to make an appointment myself. After all, if all 5 of them go in and come out smiling each visit, it can't be that bad, right?

So this morning, I went in feeling like a pouty little 3 year old...."I don't want to be here", "I don't like it,"'I just want to go home." The dentist and his assistant were very patient and kind. They actually took the time beforehand to sit in a pleasant sitting room with me and offered Christmas cookies and coffee while we talked about things first. The checkup went well, and they were impressed that things were in such good shape. They joked that apparently I did only need to come in once every ten years...they should not have said that, because now I may do just that.

We had a REALLY great group of visitors this evening. Our wonderful friends from Vining, Minnesota came to visit. Though they are always so busy with a myriad of family engagements when they come to the cities, they somehow find time to squeeze us in....for that we are so thankful! It is one of the things we look forward to each Christmas. We enjoyed playing games and sitting around chatting, watching the kids play. It is always so nice to get getting together with family. Thank you for visiting us, Hauck family! We are already looking forward to our annual summer visit with them in the country for Watermelon Day in August. Lisa is so amazing: all the home cooked food, plus homeschooling their kids, tending a large garden, and sewing many of their clothes....she could open up her own bed and breakfast, restaurant, and store in one. Nick takes the kids on awesome "tours" through the country at night, looking for bears with giant spotlights. They are always such hospitable hosts...someday I hope to be as good as that to them.

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