Friday, December 21, 2007

'Tis the Season

The Christmas festivities continued in full swing today. Jonny and Melissa each had their Christmas parties (political correctness in the school labelled them as "Holiday Parties"). After dropping them off at school at 8am, it was back home for me to grab a quick shower before joining Jonny at 9am to make gingerbread houses. His class became quite involved in their decorating, and actually used all of the allotted 2 hours of party time for this activity! Grandma made a surprise visit to the school, so I took the opportunity to join Melissa for a short while at her party after I snatched up Crispy from his kindergarten classroom. Melissa's class was busy playing cute snowman games. My favorite was throwing snowballs (cotton balls dipped in water) at a snowman target (drawn on the whiteboard at the front of the classroom). The snowballs stuck so well to the wall! It looked like fun, and all the kids were giggling like crazy, especially when an errant snowball ended up on the ceiling. I'll definitely be trying this at home with the kids one day when boredom strikes....and when Daddy is not home to see the mess!

In the afternoon, the elementary kids (Jonny, Melissa, & Crispy) had their Christmas performance. It is always quite an impressive show. 300+ students all singing and grooving together. They must put in a lot of music hours each year for this 50 minute show. Even though the gym was packed (many people even had to stand to watch), all 3 of our kids found us in the is fun to see them beam when eye contact is made. Jonny had a few extra parts in the performance: being a part of the musical recorder/flute group, and the honors choir group, as well as a small speaking part. Daddy and both Grandmas were also able to make it, which made the show all the more special for the kids. Unfortunately, Michael had a band performance during this same time at Mall of America. Sometimes it would really be nice to have a clone(or 2 or 3)!

This evening, we had our second set of holiday visitors....our great friends from Rochester. Before they moved down south for residency, we would get together(usually on Survivor nights) no less than once per week. Back in those younger days, we would stay up until 2am, laughing, and simply enjoying our time together. As we are all doctors and nurses, we are fortunate to be able to understand each other, and can appreciate some of the same sick humor. We can also empathize with each other about the stresses involved in being part of the health care field. Since they moved, we have still been going through some serious withdrawal, so it was an absolute treat to see them tonight. Our Thomases are only 21 hours apart in was so blasted cute watching them interact with each other. Our Thomas was even inspired by their scooting Thomas to get his own butt up in the air and try to move forward himself. Thank you so much for visiting....we miss you already!

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