Thursday, December 13, 2007

Our Cousins are Coming!

Uncle Cally (my brother) and Tia Lisa will be flying in from Miami tonight with our cousins Abi (years old), Lucas (1-1/2), and baby Matthew (4months). It has been one year already since we saw them last. Jonny, was lucky enough to go to Miami this summer with Grandma & Grandpa to visit them....he had a great time: Kayaking in the Florida Keys, airboat ride through the Everglades searching for alligators, lots of good Cuban food, and watching the fireworks over the ocean from a ritzy hotel in Miami Beach. He enjoyed the time with his cousins in their own home. He also got to spend great one on one time with Grandma & Grandpa which is also a very special luxury!!

When the Miami cousins came last year at Christmas, there was not much snow on the ground. This year we have plenty! We are so excited to share the Minnesota winter with them and play in the snow. I wonder if my brother misses this stuff at all? We are also looking forward to meeting the new little one. They are not flying in until 11pm tonight, but my kids keep asking about it all day. Even though they are so young, I am always surprised by how well they count down the days and remember time already. Crispy and Melissa have been counting down the days until their cousins arrive for about 10 days now. It really was impressive. I guess they are just so excited!

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