Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Day

It's Christmas Morning! Has Santa arrived??? The kids have been awake since who knows how long, but they have had strict instructions that they may not go into the living room or wake anyone else up until 7am. To their credit, it was around 8am before we were all gathered, nebs were given, and coffee in hand, when we entered the room laden with gifts from Santa (and a few from us under the tree).

Santa did well this year....everyone seemed to get what they asked for, without all the usual array of token gifts that once opened, never seem to be seen or played with again. Among our favorites this year was a Zune for Jonny, a paintball gun for Michael (though it seemed to be a little on the violent side for Santa), Dora's Superbabies for Laura, the American Girl Doll~Julie,for Melissa, a Baby You're a Star music toy for Thomas, and Best Buy gift cards for Alex. Crispy got a cool Spy Car with a video feed that all of us took turns spying on each other with today....toys today have become very cool and high tech! I got a new video camera(mine just broke this past week), and a nice digital frame for the hundreds of pictures I take each month but never print off of the computer. And Bob and I must have been on the same wavelength as I gave him a golfing trip to Arizona this winter, and he announced plans for us to go to Disneyworld again this fall! Hooray!

It was nice to just hang out at home with the kids today, lounging in our jammies, and eating chex mix , cheese and crackers, and Christmas cookies. The big lazy snowflakes falling outside our window looked so pretty, helping to paint a lovely Christmas scene. Bob took the boys to the new movie, National Treasure, and according to their report, it was great! Laura, Alex, and I spent the day laying around on the couch and in our beds, since our colds had finally gotten the better of us today. Melissa was glued to the computer, waiting for the servers to clear up enough to let her onto the WEBKINZ site with her first two pets. It was a very nice and relaxing day. . . I think we found another new favorite holiday tradition! Merry Merry Christmas to all!!!!!

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