Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pucks and Poker

During the two weeks surrounding Christmas, we get to enjoy family and visits with friends in abundance. So much so, it seems so odd that this only happens once per year. If we are able to squeeze in extra visits and fun during the hands-down-busiest-time of the entire year, why are we not able to manage these events during the rest of the year? We seem to always find ourselves saying we are too busy for things all year long...usually because of kid's activities, and school events. But somehow, in the magic of the Christmas season, we ARE actually able to make plans. Very interesting......

As weekends always go, this was another one dedicated to hockey. Crispy had a practice 30 minutes north in Mound, which ended at the same time Michael's scrimmage was beginning 30 minutes south, in Chaska. Being the die-hard hockey parent that I now am, Crispy and I boogied it to Michael's game immediately upon his own practice completion. As an alternative, we could have just gone 20 minutes farther north, and made it on time to Uncle Billy's house in Maple Grove for poker, but no, we sacrificed that to support Michael instead. Even Alex was there (having no choice along the way)!

The scrimmage was good, as the teams were well matched. Thomas was bouncing and cheering much of the time. To Alex's dismay, Michael did not prove good on his promise to get into a fight, but one of our other players almost did. It really was a pretty clean game, just good hockey playing without the nasties that can sometimes emerge. It was fun.

We then made our 45 minute trek to our poker destination. Grandma & Lyle had thankfully brought the girls and Jonny ahead of time, sparing them 3 hours of hockey. Bob & I caravanned up with the rest of the crew, making a short pit stop in Plymouth to view one of Bob's online creative Christmas lighting display friends' home set to music as ours is. It was a very nice display, but not as intricate or as involved as my husband's. It was really cool seeing someone else using the same technology though!

Poker was fun, and Sharon's homemade lasagna was even better! Yummy dinner that they had saved for us latecomers!! Lyle was brand new to poker, but was doing remarkably well. He was beating the pants off of all of us at our table, but as time passed, he was sent into the other room. Like a sheep led to slaughter (sorry about the metaphor, but it really does fit well here!), he had gone from leader in our room, to out of the game in one round playing with the ruthless serious folk. Poor Lyle!

Bob ended up winning the game (which is never much of a surprise). Jonny and Michael each held in there as the rest of us fell, one by one. Finally, down came Michael, quickly followed by Jonny as the blinds reached levels impossible to pay. Good job, guys! Then back to home and finally to bed at 1am. *yawn* Maybe not the wisest choice with New Year's just one day we are pre-tired out!

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alex.zajac said...

No, I wanted to go to Michael's hockey game, he promised to get in a fight for me.
But thanks for misrepresenting me.