Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Winter Wonderland

This morning was one of those mornings you walk outside and the beauty of the day takes your breath away. Every branch on every tree, every rooftop, every long wetland reed was wrapped in sparkly thick layers of frost. It was like a scene out of an expensive Hollywood movie, or a Dayton's 8th floor Christmas display. Not a cloud in the sky as the watermelon-orange sun rose slowly over the hill welcoming us to a new and beautiful day. It was so gorgeous...unable to capture on film...without the right words to describe a hug from God. One of those perfect mornings that makes winter here so worth it despite the cold.

It has been so nice to have the snow this is like the winters I remember as a child. The kids have enjoyed playing outside on the few days warm enough to keep their skin safe: sledding into the wetlands, snowshoeing in the backyard, using the snowball makers, and making a few snow angels. The past few years, we haven't had much snow for them to enjoy these childhood pleasures. Last year, it was New Year's Eve when we finally got enough snow to play in! Despite the bitter cold wind and bedrest at the time, we all bundled up in the dark and went sledding in our backyard, just so we wouldn't miss what might be our only chance to finally play in the snow that season.

Now, my front entryway is a disasterous mess with snowpants, wet mittens, boots, and puddles all over the floor. Rarely do these things seem to be on the rugs or in the bins where they belong. It has been a frustration to me over the past few weeks until today when I realized once again just how beautiful and wonderous winter is. We are lucky to be here. It really is only in a few select places on this earth that we get to experience this rare beauty and outdoor fun. Sunshine and green trees abound over our planet. But a usable, enjoyable winter wonderland? That is something unique and special to behold.

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