Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Boo Day!

We're SO BUSY today!
Hockey, hockey, hockey.....

Dance class.... costume.

Carving pumpkins....
....into unique Jack-o-lanterns.

Cleaning and cooking for a very special party tomorrow (you don't want pictures of this).
Trunk-N-Treat at church with Grandma ? (while I stay home for above reasons)....

Daddy making our yard into a non-scary Halloween wonderland full of fun inflatables, several fog machines, "Purple People Eater" music, and way cool strobe and theater lighting. It is SERIOUSLY FUN in our yard (and the "mystery shots" for parents add a bit of interest this year).

Trick or Treating around the neighborhood.....
...and eating LOTS of candy before showers and bed.

Good-night, little Boos!

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