Saturday, October 24, 2009

Real Birthday Party

Jonny is 12 today. It is so hard to believe how quickly the years continue to fly by. My once little happy-smiling, blue eyes sparkling, never tantruming, hand holding, nukkie loving, easy-going, bald-headed, sweetie of a baby boy is now a charming, talented, responsible, caring, loving tween. Seriously....where does all that time go?
Jonny's day started out ordinary enough: he spent the morning helping his younger siblings get breakfast, then watching various collections of them throughout the morning as daddy worked on light projects outdoors and I taxied certain kiddos here and there and everywhere to activities of a variety of sorts.

A bit of hockey here for Michael in the wee hours of the morning, followed directly with hockey for Crispy in the same place:

Michael is going to be a star this year.....he's really got it all pulled together nicely. While none of us in this family hold much of a true competetive edge, our drive to strive to do our best seems to run deep in all of us. It has been a pleasure to watch Michael do just that in such a sport as hockey where tempers and physical violence can (unfortunately) escalate very quickly. Michael has always handled himself with class and dignity on the ice, and really turned into the kind of leader that can evoke the positives out of others on his team. (Now, if we could just get him to transfer that over to the family setting.....)

Crispy is simply excited about hockey this year. Just like Michael, he lacks arrogance and pushiness to shove through the aggressive bands of boys, but he is giving it his all this year. He remains focused and attentive during practice, stiving to execute each drill correctly vs. skating sloppily along just to be one of the first ones done. He is also aware of his progress this year, and is rightly proud of his accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Go, Crispy!

Laura had a little bit of dance there:

Admitting on the way to class that tapping is rather difficult, she surprised us both today by getting through a few of the tapping exercises with success! Her low muscle tone provides such a challenge to her in coordination as it is, so to manage some specific movements while lifting up some rather heavy tap shoes on her feet is quite an accomplishment. I was unaware that tap was part of this program, and might not have signed her up had I known. But I think it will be good for her eventually, as she can perhaps improve on some of those legs muscles that are a bit wimpy and perhaps yet a bit underdeveloped.

After a morning of watching three of my children and feeling proud of each of them, it was time to head home and spend the rest of the day considering the many amazing qualities of son #3.

*RESPONSIBILITY: Jonny is certainly my "go-to" guy for any childcare-watching need. I leave him with the kids at least once a day, usually without warning, and often for unspecified time spans. Narry a complaint from Jonathan, and usually things go very well (Of course at times, siblings will be siblings, and disagreements are inevitable). He will play with the little ones for hours on end, and is a fair and respectful referee for play when all the neighborhood boys are included. He will make lunches and dinners if required, and puts the kids to bed automatically at bedtime if he remains the one in charge during the evening hours. I always say that every household needs to have a "Jonny".

*FRIENDSHIP: Jonny is known at school as a very good friend. He is honest and true, and loyal to the core. His best friends remain kids he has befriended since his first years of school...and most of them are kind and sweet, too. He has struggled to befriend "difficult" kids whose behavior was out of control, but who clearly could use a positive friend. Only when the relationship gets clearly negative and out of hand does he give up.

*FUN: Jonny has a fun-filled spirit, willing to try new things and give life a go at it. Spending his birthday at an apple orchard was a perfect way to celebrate his day as we enjoyed the beauty and fresh autumn air of the out of doors. Revelling in nature and the beauty of God's bountiful creation all around us, I think that we all enjoyed every muddy moment.

*FAMILY: Though he enjoys his friends and appreciates them all, Jonny is a family guy at heart. Given a choice, he will always choose us over his friends. So today, we combined all of his favorite people into one big gathering! Best friends, relatives and family, all together......the way Jonny prefers to have things.
*FAITH: For a twelve year old boy, Jonny has such a sweet heart for Jesus. He is aware of the beautiful gift of eternity he has been given and is thankful for every good thing in his life. He is also strong enough to realize the good gifts which can be found in the bad. Thanking me every night for making him something as simple as dinner, I know he is thanking God for every good in his world.
(Jonny's requested end of the day dinner at Biaggi's with Grandma and Grandpa)

*LOVE: As a baby, Jonny held our fingers tightly as we rocked him to sleep in his car seat(which he slept in for his first year of life due to so many ear infections and terrible gastro reflux....this was the only way for him to sleep comfortably). Perhaps too big for hand-holding now, a good-night hug from my sweet boy is always welcomed at the end of my very long days.

Happy Birthday, Jonathan! We love you so very much, and are ridiculously proud of you!!!

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Pam said...

Yes Jonny, you are the greatest! You have brought your grandma a lifetime of joy in your 12 short years! Love you!