Saturday, October 3, 2009

We Have a(nother) Dancer

Laura has been begging me to sign her up for a dance class. This comes after many months of ME begging HER to want to sign up for dance class. I finally pulled it all together and found a group that looked like a good fit for her to try, one that was positive and encouraging, and one which actually allowed and welcomed parents to watch. Though a few weeks later than the other girls in the class, Laura started her dance lessons this morning. She has been anticipating this greatly since I signed her up three days ago.
Dressed in a cute little pink leotard and white tights, Laura was almost set. The very kind director of the program and the equally kind instructor fitted Laura for her first pair of dancing shoes. Bonus for Laura: they were pink, too! Dressed now in dancing gear from head to toe, Laura trotted over with the other girls to begin warm up stretches and group chat while lovely Disney music played from a CD.

The girls got to know each other a bit better, and once all stretched and ready to go, they did some listening and movement exercises while watching themselves in the mirror, and danced the Hokey Pokey from their own colored spots they picked out on the floor.
25 minutes into the class, it was time for the girls to change into tap shoes. Having none available in her size at the studio, Laura was allowed to wear one try-out shoe a bit larger than her size in order to understand a bit what a tap shoe was all about. Though challenging to stand 2 inches taller on one foot when one is so short to begin with, Laura was getting into the tap portion, and enjoyed it so much that it was the only part of class she talked about on the way home. It will be terrific when she has a complete set of tap shoes next week.
So another strengthening activity for Laura that she is going to enjoy. I had always envisioned that if I were blessed with girls, I would sign them up for activities like this because of the cute little dresses and the adorable programs we would get to attend. I am pleased to still have the opportunity to sign my girls up for such activities, but never thought it would be for such practical and almost necessary reasons!

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