Thursday, October 15, 2009

Like a Vapor

Like the morning vapor mist disappearing shortly after the rising sun, so too, do our physical lives appear to be in the infinite days of eternity's timeline.

This morning, we say farewell to my uncle Jerry, who died suddenly last night during an extended operation, having fought cancer two years longer than expected, and to Bob's cousin Alan Jr, who held onto life until this morning, with every ounce he had left. Both unprepared to go, but gone, nonetheless. Leaving a bunch of sad people behind them.

Through crying hearts, we lift our prayers high....God's loving arms forever open, calling us gently, yet persistently to our heavenly home. Can you hear Him calling your name? Answer Him now, and walk with Him in peace and love both here on this earth and forever in the presence of His glory with all His saints in Heaven.

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