Monday, October 12, 2009

Helloooooooooo Winter!

We woke up to several inches of beautiful snow on the ground. A beautiful blanket of white, nature's blank canvas prepared and set for anything the imagination can dream up. And it was still snowing! Snowflakes caught upon tongue tips, landing gently on hooded heads. So pretty and cold, and so..........OCTOBER!!!

After driving the kids to school, Laura, Tubby and I wasted no time in making the first snowman of the season. The snow was just perfect for a task like that. With Laura's suggestion, I began three snowballs, one for each of us to roll around. I planted the base, followed by Laura's middle, and Tubby finished up the head. We put on the finishing touches of pine cone eyes and buttons, a wood chip mouth, spindly arms, and adorable grass puff hair. Our finished "Snow Bear" looked pretty cute sitting in the middle of our yard!

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