Friday, October 30, 2009


This week has gone by in one very fast blur. The exhaustion of last week, plus a new illness raging through the little ones, and preparation for another party at our house this weekend made for an extremely busy yet slightly unproductive week.

Here's a few highlights of what I can remember:

*Halloween and Christmas Preparation. An odd combination? Yes. Bob took the entire week off to get some work done on setting up his Christmas lights. Being as half of them never came out of the trees from last year, he was already a few steps ahead. He plugged in computer boxes, rewired some cords, and has begun the programming phase already. He has also started steps on the Glencoe Hospital display/light show. He is farther ahead this year than he has ever been, which I think he feels good about, yet there is still so much to do!
Of course, some pumpkin picking was included in this week's preparations.

*My poor little baby is sick. So sick with a bad cold and an icky, choking cough that gags her and causes her to puke up all her milk after eating. At night, her cough gets so bad that it sounds like she is unable to breathe. It is scary. Nothing seems to help, except extrememly cold air. Nebs are useless against this. If we were not medical parents, she would be in the hospital right now.
(Oct 20th at Target, Bethany chooses and plays with her very first real toy!)

During some of her better, more stable daytime hours, Bethany has learned how to play with toys! She is wanting to become independent with her pacifier, and is enjoying the newfound discovery of her own hand movements and grasping ability.

*Visits to Pediatric Specialists in the cities----twice. Melissa's annual visit to the Pediatric Developmentalist went well. She was very pleased with how Melissa is doing, and we will work on a plan for the next summer to keep Melissa's speech from falling so drastically behind again. Also, in talking things over with her, I am now 95% certain that I will be homeschooling Melissa next year rather than send her to that awful middle school.
*The visit to the geneticist was probably our last one unless some strange problem arises. Given the oddness of her chromosomal abnormality, there just is no real way to predict what is going to happen over the course of her life, and what, if even any, health concerns may arise. But for now, things are great, and we will just go with that!
*Lots of hockey scrimmages. Michael's team is up and running this week, and we have had the pleasure to see him play a few times on this season's new team. He has a new number this year, #9. Though disappointed (more like, angered) not to receive his old number for his last year of league play before trying out for the high school team next year, he looks good in his new digs!

*The kids get to meet Alex's girlfriend. Alex and Larkin have been great friends with some similar interests for a few years now. They have just recently declared themselves to be at the next relationship level. The kids went wild over her, and she had plenty of energy to play with them back. It was a silly, laughing, roll and tumble giggle fest. The kids have been asking when she will come back to play with them.

*Crispy broke a tooth. A permanent one. A front, top, smack in the center of his smile tooth. Broke HALF of it off in a diagonal. Doing something stupid. With Jonny. Can't. tell. you. how. mad. it. made. me.

*Halloween parties at school.

~I visited with my Mummy:
~And helped out at the Kindergarten party. My two sick children were not suppose to come with me, but with Bob working outside, I had no choice but to bring them. Thankfully, Bethany was so wiped out that she slept the whole afternoon in her carseat. Tubby was good, as usual, and busied himself with making a village out of wooden cars and blocks. I got to run the Halloween Bingo table. I think it was one of the most sought after tables because of the free skittles we were using! It was nice to get to meet some of the girls that Laura talks about from school on a daily basis.

~We also got to hang out with Melissa in the computer lab for a little while as she played a few games as part of their class celebration.

Any down time has been spent holding a very uncomfortable little baby of mine. However, I did get my floors washed on her first day of illness when she was just starting to get sick but was still able to breathe....she decided to sleep all day long. Now I am left with ONE more day to prepare for Sunday's gathering. Will I make it? Um...looks unlikely.

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