Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just a Few More

This has been such a nice weekend in light of past recent events. Spending the day yesterday with family in the fresh air at the apple orchard was just what we needed to rejuvinate and refresh...if felt kind of like pushing the "reset" button and starting back on normal ground again.

Here are just a few more pics from yesterday that were too cute to pass up:
Safe on the Trail with a Steady Hand to Hold
Pretty Fall Colors in the Background
The Singing Trio (Crispy's arm is in the bottom right corner)--these guys figured out the corn maze right away, and went through it a few times singing songs from Veggietales all the while. The rest of us struggled to find our way through just once, and considered ourselves lucky when we heard the singers pass by, and could follow on their footsteps when lost. It then became known to other lost families not in our party to search out the singers when confused on the trail!
Chillin' with Grandpa
My Babies
My Girls!

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