Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things You Will Never See at a Pediatrician's House

At our house, you will NEVER see:

1. Kids riding bikes or scooters without helmets.

2. Laughing at the dinner table with food in mouths(this is met with very stearn warning).

3. Toddlers eating popcorn or peanuts.

4. Skating on lakes that may or may not really be frozen.

5. Boating without life jackets.

6. Driving without car seats under the age of 8.

7. Anyone missing the annual flu vaccine.

8. Kids missing any immunizations.

9. Kids running around with toothbrushes in mouths or pencils/scissors in hands.

10. And NEVER, EVER, EVER will you see kids jumping on trampolines. EVER.

......or maybe you will.

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