Monday, October 19, 2009

Fake Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Laura's fake birthday. Because with 2 funerals this week, one REAL birthday party to plan for Jonny, and Bethany's Dedication next weekend, I really had NOTHING ELSE to do. Spearheaded by my son, Alex, this day has been in the works since last year. I do not know how it happened in the first place, but last year was the first of many fake birthdays to come on this very date. This year's party went beyond a banner, confetti, and wrapped up used toys from the kids.

There was the typical "Surprise!" when she walked in the door from school. This resulted in 10 minutes of her crying and wailing on the porch calling us all liars because it was not really her birthday. She still doesn't quite understand the "fake" part of it all.

She then opened some presents.....brand new presents from all the kids.

There were balloons decorating the house, and a brownie cake with marshmallow frosting.

After dinner, she opened more presents.

Then we sang "Happy Fake Birthday" to her and she blew out (real) candles.

After cake, she played with her new presents before bed and was beaming from her special day!!!

And you know what is super cool? None of my other kids ask,"Why don't I get a fake birthday too?" They are just happy to make somebody else feel special for a day. What nice kids.

Looking forward to next year....probably will be bigger and better!

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