Sunday, October 25, 2009

Party Fit for a Princess....or Five

Sundays are ironically the busiest days of our weeks. Jonny has early morning musical rehearsal at church, followed by us meeting him at church for church. We have an early lunch at home, watch the Vikings win a game, then it is back to church with Melissa, Crispy, and Laura for their musical rehearsals. At that point, the two oldest boys are also heading out the door to another church where they attend youth group for the evening hours. There are usually two separate hockey practices or games inserted somewhere into this already overbooked timeline.
Today we did something very special during our few open afternoon hours.....we attended a princess party! Twin cousins Aryel and Caitlyn turned five today, and my girls have been so excited about this event for a few weeks. Laura immediately settled on a Cinderella costume, and looked lovely in her powder blue dress. Melissa was dressed as Glenda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz, with a sparkling princess crown on her head. Though no princess outfit for the littlest one, she was wearing a cute pink tee with "Princess League" across the front.
We were met at the door by Princess Ariel and Cinderella (wearing her pink gown). The twins looked adorable, as they always do with their bright blue eyes and bouncy blonde hair. Erin had decorated the house with princess decor at every turn, and had made two separate, gorgeous cakes for the girls.

The food was great, and it was so nice to spend time as a family again, two days in a row. Living 45 minutes away, it is harder than one would think to get the time to get together, especially now that all of the kids are at an age where they are busy in activities. The kids had so much fun playing with all of the new-to-them toys at their cousins' house.
Making crafts is always a treat at these birthday parties. This year was pinwheel wands for the girls,

.....and hanging Halloween spiders for the boys.
The girls were so cute as they opened their excited about each and every gift!
Erin had also made gift bags for the kids, as she does each year. Candy, glowsticks, stickers, and the best of all, putty! Even the twins' great-grandma was getting into the putty fun! The kids were all laughing so hard and making such silly noises with the was so hard for me to pull them away to go to JAM and Jelly's at church. We were all having such a great time.....even those boys of mine!
We had a bit of excitement on the way home from church that evening in the dark. The kids were going through their goody bags in the truck, and both Crispy and Laura reported that their glow sticks were leaking. Melissa's had exploded on her all white dress when we were at Steve and Erin's house, so it appeared that we just had a bad batch of sticks. Just then, Melissa calls out, "Oh no! TUBBY!" I turn quickly to look back at my crying son who is GLOWING in the dark! He had apparently bit the bracelet which had expolded all over his face and was drooling down his front. Not one to be prone to panic, I panicked. Yep, I lost my composure as we were driving 60MPH on a highway road with no shoulders to pull off on, thinking my son was now being poisoned to his else do those things glow??? Using a half-filled bottle of water left over from the party, I splashed water behind me at Tubby as I drove another two miles before we could pull off the road. I tried all three ways of getting a hold of Bob. He didn't answer any of them until several minutes later. My mom was a bit easier, and between she and Erin, they were able to come up with some info leading us all to relax a bit that this nuclear-looking liquid was indeed non-toxic. *big sigh of relief*

With the exception of the glow stick incident, this has been a really, really nice day!!!

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