Saturday, November 24, 2007

Crispy Critter

No matter the situation, circumstance, or time of day, I can always count on Crispy's smile. He is rock solid, even tempered, content, happy, and just a joy to have as my little buddy. I can take him anywhere and know that he will behave appropriately, as well as enjoy the experience, whatever it may be. Like big brother Jonny, Christopher has also been content from the very beginning and I can not recall a single temper tantrum. Such a peaceful soul.

Not only that, but this child is EXTREMELY helpful! Perhaps partly due to his age, but I would like to think this is his core personality shining through. Crispy is just a workhorse....he will do whatever needs to be done: jobs that are both little and large. When the dumpster was here, he worked a solid 3 days with me and Grandma...side by side digging and organizing things in the basement. That is no small task in our basement warehouse! He was actually bummed the day that Thomas was so sick and we were unable to work. He takes direction very well, and as long as he works under supervision, he can do a perfect job.

Did I mention SMART? This kid has been spelling words and doing math problems in his head since the age of 4. Sudoku does not even stand a chance against him. He catches on to new concepts very quickly, and readily incorporates them into his world. Kindergarten has pretty much been all review for him. Just like his brothers...if they all banded together, they could probably revolutionize the world as we know it!

To top it all off, this little boy of mine is just so sweet. He has the unique position in the family of being between the girls, each of whom have some special physical needs. Since he turned 2, he has been a helper to both of them...opening up snack packages, giving nebs, getting toys they are unable to reach or carry, pouring them drinks, etc. He and Melissa have been growing up together as if twins. He never complains, and eagerly helps each of them, younger or older. The 3 of them play so very well together...their imaginations soar when they are together, and they do not often argue. From building forts, to playing house happily with dolls, he is an indispensable part of our lives. What a great little buddy!

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Alison said...

What beautiful postings you have written about your wonderful children. Thanks for sharing!