Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Queen in our Castle

Some people are defined by what happens to them in life. Laura defines and directs her own life. I am convinced that it is because of her personality (by of course God's miraculous hand) that she survived through those uncertain months of pregnancy and days after birth when she was given only a 1% chance to survive. Clearly, the doctors did not realize that no one tells Laura what she can and can not do. Being a Princess is not good enough for Laura...she entered our lives and immediately assumed Queen status. Given her circumstances and all she has been through, I guess she deserves the title. She has a boldness, a toughness, a stubborness, a strength, that is unique unto her. One does not "ask" Laura to do may submit a request to her, and be hopeful of a positive response. If punishment or consequence is involved due to her denial of a request, certainly do NOT expect her to give you the satisfaction that it bothers her in the least. Expect instead, a half-smile, with glimmering eyes that seem to bore the words into your soul, "So what? I win...I still own you!"
Along with her sometimes "difficult" personality, Laura is blessed with the fullness of just seems to exude from her. She somehow seems to bless people wherever she goes. Though rather shy in unfamiliar places, people still seem to take notice of her and comment on how full of life she is. She is spunky and fun, courageous and clever, joyful and loving, and a great helper on her own terms. Often, she is simply a delight.
As she gets closer to her fourth birthday, I continue to marvel at her existence. I savor every sweet "I love you , Mom" and hug that I get from her. Her survival is nothing short of a miracle. She is an incredible little girl. God has such a definite plan for this little girl, and I am so excited to watch it unfold over her lifetime.

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