Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Diaper Bags that will NEVER see the Dumpster

What a long long day....was most certainly not weekend-like. Between driving my son to school at 6:20am, and picking him up at 5:00pm, I listened to my baby whine and cry constantly, only stopping momentarily when I would pick him up. We will soon be heading out to Michael's hockey game, getting home at just before 10pm tonight. It was/is crazy...I felt crazy....I still feel crazy....maybe I just need some sleep.

Our dumpster is full to the brim! I did not know if we could actually do it, but we did! It sure does feel great knowing we are getting rid of so much excess. The funny thing is, if you walk through our house, you wouldn't even be able to tell that we got rid of a thing. That part is depressing....good gravy, we have a lot of stuff. However, I am VERY motivated now to keep going, and fill our regular garbage for Thursday's pick up, and to get rid of (to charity) the many boxes of clothes we came across. We just may uncover our lives yet!

The BEST part of my day was receiving my new diaper bag in the mail...larger to hold the now needed winter items we tote around. If you are in the market for a diaper bag, or even if you are not, you really should consider a Ju-Ju-Be bag(visit http://www.ju-ju-be.com/). These things are the best! With all my other kids I was satisfied with the free bags you get at the doctor's office, or a cheap one from anywhere...you know, the ones that only last about 2 months before they fall apart? But now I am completely hooked on Ju-Ju-Bes! Not only are they super-cute, they are so smartly laid with pockets, compartments, places for Mommy's stuff like cell phones, keys, even bragging pictures! The best part is that they are made with great materials that are antimicrobial, waterproof, super-easy to clean, and just down right awesome. And the memory foam changing pads are great, as is the memory foam shoulder strap which makes even a 50 pound load feel as light as feathers! I have also opted to buy the little wristlets which match the bags. Not only is it really compact, but it holds my phone, money, credit cards, lip gloss, camera, and even comes with it's own pen that expands. It has been all I have used as a purse since the baby has been born. To test it's greatness, while vacationing in the mountains this summer, I had all of the above mentioned in my little wristlet. We stopped at a reststop along the way that advertised "Clean Bathrooms". Though thinking that was a little odd at first, I was very grateful that they lived up to their claim as I put my wristlet on the back of what appeared to be a flat tank to help Laura, and FLOOP! It slid right into the toilet! ARG! I immediately picked it up and scrubbed it like crazy with soap and water. And you know what? Every single thing I had inside...camera, phone, and all....was completely protected and dry throughout the ordeal! So though pricey, these bags ROCK and are worth every penney! I will be a Ju-Ju-Be-er forever! And I am pretty sure that is about how long these bags will last!


Alison said...

I am always on the lookout for what to get people for baby showers - thanks for the info on the diaper bags. Amazing work on the dumpster - I can't believe you filled it!

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