Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sick-Baby,Stainless-Steel-Sink, S-S-Saturdays

Sy Son SCriSpy seSided soday, shat son SaturdayS, swe sould sonly suse swords shat start swith "s". Sack!

Well, at least I gave his idea a try! It made for interesting conversation coming home from "Sockey" this afternoon...He made up grand plans for everyday of the week. Tomorrow,Sunday, we are supposed to go Sledding in the Sun...hmmm....we might need to revise things a bit, I am afraid.

Poor Tubby is sick, sick, sick today. He has had a fever of about 103, and has messed up so many outfits with poopies that our washing machine has demanded a fact, it has threatened to go on strike if we don't meet it's demands. Wait, I may have confused the machine with myself. Sorry. Poor kid though...he really is just the best baby in the world and so rarely cries that it is heartbreaking to see him sad.

With Grandma's help today, we were able to get through some of the basement junk....along with all the junk, I found some of the coolest toys that had been MIA since our move 4 years ago. Even Alex & Michael were excited about some of the finds!

And the sink....I followed the FlyLady's advice about cleaning the sink today. I am pretty sure it was not meant to be a 9 hour long project, but that is how long it took me to get through completing ONE SIDE of the sink given my current working conditions. I have included a picture so you can compare the sides. I was so skeptical, but it really made a big difference! Can't wait til the next day I have 9 hours to spare! ;o)


alex.zajac said...

Because that bleach just has the loveliest scent, don't you think?

Alison said...

I don't use bleach because I ruin my clothes. Try Kaboom. It works better and my clothes last longer!

Alison said...

I also forgot to say that our T has a fever and a terrible cough. He is so sad too. He can't even work up a smile for me. Poor little babies.

drodger01 said...

Try baking soda in the sink, work it to a paste and leave over night. It may help.
Papa Don