Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wednesdays are on the New Weekends

OK, not to complain, but things seem to be a little out of control around here now with 5 of the kids in activities during the school year. Our weekends have been particularly hectic with 2 in hockey at 2 separate times on both Saturdays and Sundays, and extended church and program rehearsals for 3 of the kids Sunday afternoon and evenings, plus youth group in the evening for A. Everything is well and good, but counting on any down time on the weekends has only led to disappointment, stress, and a worn out start for the next week. Way too overwhelming,

So, yesterday I started my new plan. I am now on my own calendar program. My weekends are now officially starting on Monday evenings watching our new favorite show, "Chuck", with my husband and older kids, then resuming a normal "work week" on Thursday mornings. Since my job is really 24/7 EVERYDAY, I've decided to take this time to mellow, and be more relaxed, fun, like the weekend break is suppose to be. With the exception of still having to wake up early everyday, and taking Mel to OT on Wed. afternoons (which I now treat myself to the fresh meat market next door to therapy and we have been having awesome dinners on Wed evenings), I think this is going to work!!!

Yesterday afternoon I took all the kids to the Bee was a cute, funny little show. The kids (thanks to advertising) had been looking forward to this since August, and they were so excited to finally go. Even T really enjoyed the experience...all the lights, sounds....Both T & L fell asleep after about the first 30 minutes, but I believe it is due to their illnesses, not to the credit of the movie. In fact, L has been sacked out on the couch since 11am when we picked up C from the bus, and the baby still has not been sleeping well. They just haven't been able to kick this illness...but at least the fevers seem to be gone. Mel must be getting it next, as her whininess is reaching all time highs lately.

Other than that, nothing too exciting....just trying to throw out some of our past!


alex.zajac said...

Are you really so lazy as to not type out our names?

Zajac Family said...

Gee, was done for your own privacy...but sure, I can type your names in the future....AND yes, it will take me longer to type out your names since I am NOT the computer whiz that you are!

drodger01 said...

That comment shows that he doesn't text message on a cell phone LOL
Papa Don

legozajac said...

"Shining Nova Attack!"