Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hakuna Matata!

What a wonderful gift from Grandma C.....she took us to the Lion King Broadway Production last night at the Orpheum Theater. It was fantastic! Way too hard to describe in words how the costumes were made, but it was all so ingenious and artsy. Brilliant set designs and props. It was a very entertaining and amazing production. Michael, Jonny, Grandma, and I enjoyed the whole thing thoroughly....Melissa & Crispy each took some napping time as the clock went past their bedtimes....I think that the darkness and the great music just got the better of them. Prior to their naps, they were both oo-ing and awe-ing and laughing along with everyone else. After intermission, Crispy woke up and enjoyed the rest of the show too. Everyone's favorite characters seemed to be Zazu and Timon. Thank you so much, Grandma!!!

We arrived home at about 11:30pm last night, and everyone was off to sleep by midnight. Even with the late night outing to the big city, all the kids managed to get up this morning and off to school in time. Such good kids! The baby is still sleeping horribly at night, and I feel like I am only running on Cappuccino fumes. Today we designated as "Couch Day", complete with pillows, sleeping bags, blankies, snacks, and Mary Poppins. So I will keep this short...I'm going to go snuggle with my kiddos!


alex.zajac said...

I saw that a few years ago.

...I hope we crush TG.

Michael said...

Hakuan Matata isn't the best name. use the name of the play, Please! (no offense)