Monday, November 26, 2007

The Most Perfect Baby Ever

With 7 kids, Bob & I know a thing or two about babies. As babies go, we both realize that this one is exceptional. There is something truly special about baby Thomas, and I think that all of his loving siblings will agree....he is just so very perfect! And no, I do not think we are being is true!

When I finally got to meet my baby for the first time (it was 2 hours after he was born due to general anesthesia), his beauty took my breath away. The image of my wonderful husband waiting for me, holding this perfect little miniature person in his arms will forever be etched in the most precious memories file in my mind. His perfect complexion, beautiful, soft strawberry blonde hair, cute little rosebud mouth, and tiny little cry that he rarely sounded off....he was a true gem.

After the difficulties with Laura, her following health issues, and two miscarriages, this sweet little baby was the perfect amnesic medicine. He has been everything wonderful about little babies, without any of the struggles. He is so good natured, SMILES all the time, is so very patient, can be taken almost anywhere (except in church...he gets too excited with all the new people he gets to talk to), has slept through the night since before 2 months of age, and rarely cries. He has the most engaging smile ever, and has the sweetest looks he saves for Mommy & Daddy. When it was a pulmonary embolism that took my breath away 5 weeks after he was born, he was a good little boy for Grandma as she instantly took over "mommy" role for the first week, and he was the perfect therapy I needed to make it through my second anxious week in the hospital. He was a hit on the cardiac very sweet, and never cried or disturbed another patient.

His siblings are positively enamored with him. When he was itty bitty, Christopher would hold him for up to an hour everyday while the others were in school. Laura is constantly talking to him and putting things in his face to play with (Thomas is actually not so thrilled about this). Melissa can make him laugh just by saying silly things. Jonny holds him so very much when he cries or when I need an extra pair of hands. Michael looks for him first thing in the mornings, and Alex searches him out every time he emerges from the depths of his room.

I could go on and on about how great Thomas has been as a baby, but I think everyone already knows....I haven't stopped mentioning it since his birthday! Suffice it to say that he is a true blessing to our family and a total joy each and everyday. A shirt that I bought him when we were in Colorado states it very well : "When God made me, He was just showing off!" That's my baby Thomas!

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Alison said...

What a beautiful baby! I can't believe how much he looks like Christopher - I also can't believe how much Christopher has grown up! How do they do that so fast?