Thursday, November 29, 2007

Michael's Last Day of School

Michael is officially done with Middle School today! Hooray!

Well...kind of. He is finished with schooling inside the building, and will now be on a new homeschooling adventure. He has been asking for this since the beginning of October, but we wanted him to finish off the trimester, just to make sure that he was sure about this decision. He was sure...and very happy to be done today.

The public schools out here are very good...the main reason we moved here. We have been thrilled with the elementary school and high school...more so than their private school in the cities. But the middle school seems to be lacking. We have had 2 boys go through it now, and we have not been impressed in any way. I would be happy if all of our kids stayed home during the middle school years, and then went into High School. The MS cared so much, that when I called on Wednesday to let them know of our intentions, they simply stated nonchalantly, "OK,thanks for calling." Yeah, none of us are going to miss that place.


Alison said...

You know it's funny... as I've been researching schools I have noticed that many cities have the same problem - good elementary schools and high school, and very mediocre middle schools. What's up with that?

Michael said...

You put in the bad picture, you said you would erase it (liar)!