Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mr. Responsible

Jonathan.....boy #3
......sandwiched between the shadow of his older brothers and the attention needed by his sister with special needs....quietly intuitive and intelligent....contemplative... friend to many....helper to anyone...compassion for everyone


Jonny has always been a pretty content kid. He was the first one to NOT go through tantrums during the toddler fact, I don't recall many upsets at all. Perhaps partly due to placement in the family line, or simply his God-given personality, Jonny has a warm and welcoming soul. He seems to have a mature understanding of how others feel...intuitive beyond his years. This makes him the perfect friend to anyone. No matter what personality he meets in his daily walks through life, he is able to befriend them and bring to them acceptance and understanding. He is a favorite amongst his classmates, teachers, siblings, and group leaders. He is a positive role model to everyone he meets.

Jonathan has been elected by his peers to student council this year, and is a member of the school patrol. Every morning, he walks his younger brother and sister to the playground, and helps Melissa to find one of her friends in the sea of children before he finds his own group. Everyday, he sits with his younger sister on the bus instead of his friends, to make sure that she gets off the bus safely. He babysits the little ones whenever I ask, and always does so without complaint. Besides the usual sibling tiffs now and then, he entertains them very well. Just now, he has made invitations on the computer to our Christmas Eve family party, stuffed the envelopes, stamped ,addressed, and put everything away. Now, if only I could get him to clean his room!!! :o)

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