Friday, April 18, 2008

It's My Headache's Fault

Huge headache day. Like a fool, I promised the kids a trip to our community center, Safari Island, when Crispy came home. Despite meds and vegging out all morning long, I could not escape the pain of it all. So ultimately, would it really matter if I made things worse by taking my kids out? Probably not. And even so, at least they would be having fun, even if it meant me suffering more.

The kids were thrilled, and we pretty much had the climbing room to ourselves. Laura was easily able to access all parts this year, climbing rope ladders and sliding down super quick slides that force you to crash into cushioning at the bottom. Tubby was not so sure of the ball pit. Though he LOVES balls, he was not thrilled about the sinking feeling he was experiencing in the midst of the thousands of them. At least he could not escape, so I got to spend the hour just laying in the ball pit with my baby. It was surprisingly comfortable.....all pressure points were perfectly supported, and the balls pressed into my aching muscles caused by my headache. It ended up being the most comfortable spot of my entire day!
In an effort to overcome feeling so overwhelmed lately, my headache and I signed Jonny up for golf lessons, baseball, tennis lessons, and basketball camp. We also signed Laura up for swimming lessons beginning next week, and Crispy and Melissa to start in the summer. Yeah, that will really help me out.

I took the kids to open skate tonight with the neighbors. We picked up a used pair of figure skates for Melissa that were pretty and white. Though pretty, they were a disaster for her feet, and the poor girl could hardly stand due to the flimsy ankles. No amount of lace tightening could help this bad pair out. I felt so bad for her....things are hard enough for her, but she had been becoming more and more successful on the ice lately. This made her feel worse than her first time. Poor girl. I will have to order some cool skates for her with tons of firm ankle support online. I don't know what I was thinking picking this pair up earlier today. Blame it on the headache.

Laura did great. I had found a skate helper at the shop I bought Melissa's skates in, and Laura was cruising around the ice for an hour. Those little legs just kept going, and she was getting fast! I think she will be the next skater in our family. I did not get much practice in myself, but my back was spared this time from further strain thanks to the aid of the skate helper. The kids also had a blast pushing each other in a little pink folding chair we had brought to use as an additional skate helper when both girls were on the ice. We ended our evening with ice cream at Culver's. A very nice end to what started out to be a suffersome day!

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