Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sprinter Comes to an End

This Spring-Winter(Sprinter) needs to go for has been much too long. And as much as I REALLY like winter, and am not looking forward to the heated days of summer, it is really time to get the kids outside and have a real Spring. I hesitate to say, I think it is finally here!

The past week has been a busy blur, as will the rest of the weeks from here on out til the end of school. It's been filled with many soccer game cancellations(3 of the kids are in soccer), the long awaited begining of games last evening, hockey games for Michael, open skate excursions for me-sometimes with, but mostly without my kids, watching the Minnesota Wild in the Stanley Cup Playoffs (meaning staying up WAY past our bedtimes), horse riding, skate lessons, girl scouts, cub scouts, digging out the winter duds again, then digging out the spring stuff...sometimes trading them in midway through the day, doctor's appointments, early school patrol and marching band drop offs, trying to get organized, making sense of what needs to be done next for the girls, teaching Melissa double digit subtraction (I realized today that she has been getting stars on all of her math homework despite the fact that nearly every answer she has written is WRONG, so no one at school is bothering to correct her and teach her the right way), and watching Thomas play hockey and walk around furniture.

Nothing too exciting to report, just the usual stuff around here. I will attempt to post-date some posts with pictures of highlights from the last week.

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