Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Fashion

Melissa was a proud participant in an event that every girl dreams about.....being a part of a fashion show! Did it matter that it was in a Nursing Home, or that she was wearing her own clothes, with no hair stylist or makeup artist to attend to her? Not at all! She was so excited to be a part of it all, and by the looks on the faces of all the other girls, so were they.

Melissa wore her Palm Sunday dress for the "formal" part of the pretty and springy, carrying a small basket filled with purple confetti "grass" and Easter eggs from home. For her second outfit, she chose her beautiful 1970's style PJs that match her American Girl doll, Julie. Melissa followed all the hash marks on the "runway" perfectly, and kept a sweet little grin on her face all the while. Pretty cute! Following the show, the girls passed out cookies and lemonade to the residents. It was a good experience for them, and good exposure for them to help out with community service.

We hurried home to change into real clothes, pick up the other kids, and race Jonny off to church early so that we could see some of Michael's game in Edina. Michael's Showcase games are an incredible thing to fast and skilled are the wonder these guys won State titles! It is such a good experience for Michael (#2) to be surrounded by this really encourages him to step up his game and I think he has discovered that he has a lot of untapped skill that was buried somewhere during his unchallenging regular hockey season. At the sound of the last buzzer, the kids and I hurried back to church for their performance rehearsals. I had planned on a trip to Target during the hour I had to wait, but Laura INSISTED on going to the Sunday School classroom. I could not dissuade her, so I ended up checking her in too....mismatched clothes, uncombed hair, boots on the wrong feet, and all (see, I had not planned on her being anywhere that mattered). Honestly, she looked like a child picked up from a homeless shelter. Certainly NOT fashionable. Really impressive in our "ritzy" church. Tubby and I decided we may as well stay at church at this point, so we ventured into the sanctuary and sang along with the worship songs. Tubby was too happy after all the good vibes, and we ended up leaving about 10 minutes later. Oh well....I had already been to church in the morning with the big boys, but twice is always nice since the services are so different (though the message is the same). Tubby and I had a fun time hanging out in the truck, playing with phone chargers and maps. Can you stand the excitement of it all?

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