Wednesday, April 30, 2008


It feels like Spring today! There is even a pretty little pink bud on one of the hyacinths. We just had to get outside and play. The kids were content playing in the front of the house, pushing their Webkinz in strollers, pulling Tubby around on wagon rides, and doing some hockey shooting practice. Crispy and I took an initiative that was long overdue.....we began the HUGE task of taking down the Christmas lights. The Christmas display is so grand in the winter, and very beautiful. But the 400+ orange, yellow, white, green, and brown extension cords hanging from every branch and piled on every spot of sparse front yard ground makes quite an eyesore once the snow has melted. I am convinced that the reason our neighbor's house is still on the market for over a year now, is because no one wants to move in next door to white trash.

We probably got about 150 cords and just as many computer box cables picked up and put away before our arms and fingers were just too tired to do any more. My mom came out for the afternoon, bringing us some yummy lunch from the Big Bowl. The kids and I spent about two hours helping her set up her own Webkinz account and showing her around the online land. The kids are so excited to have Grandma play! When the other kids arrived home from school, we spent a nice afternoon playing at the park. Wearing his new little shoes for the first time, Thomas was such a big boy, climbing up the climber and going down the was quite a big feat for such a little guy. He did it over and over again. How do they have the energy to work so hard?

Michael had a playoff game out in Lakeville tonight. He was very happy to have Grandma come along to watch. I had miscalculated in my head how far away Lakeville was, so Grandma and I missed the first 10 minutes of the game. Too bad, because my son had scored his first goal for this high level team! It was an exciting game, and our team did win. I think that Grandma was impressed with the heightened speed and force with which this level of play is at compared to Michael's regular season games.

Jonny was once again left to babysit all the little kids (sans baby), basically without any warning. He had still been down at the park when we left for the game, tried calling my cell phone(which was on the kitchen counter), finally getting a hold of daddy to ask where and when we would be getting home? He is such a good kid! He deserves a treat, so here at 9:45pm, it is time to watch American Idol (his favorite show) before going to bed!

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