Monday, April 21, 2008

The Length of Two Hours

Mondays around noon have become hockey practice for us three Chicks. We have always been alone on the ice at that time, and today was no exception. We brought our sticks and some pucks along which we were happy to get some practice with. Stick handling is so much harder than it looks. Keeping control of that slippery little puck is might take some physics to figure it out (velocity vs friction vs strength or lack of it). It was an amazing workout. No one came to kick us out when our hour was up, so we stayed and continued practicing an additional hour until Michael called wondering when we would be coming home. It was a wonderful two hours that pretty much sped by.

We picked up DQ for my kids for lunch to reward them for their extra patience. We joked about putting back all the calories we just worked off by having a small blizzard. I am hoping for that raise in metabolism that lasts for awhile after heavy exercise coming to my rescue! We made a quick stop at church to pick up Tubby's blanket that had been left in the nursery last night. I was surprised to find his blanket, his bib, his puke rag, and his sweater all folded in a neat little pile on the counter. I hadn't realized so much stuff had been missing! I felt strange walking I had just raided the lost and found.

Quick trip to the park after meeting the kids at the bus stop. Long ride to Waverly for Melissa's riding lesson. The main drag, Highway 7 is closed for repair. Taking a wrong turn, we were almost hopelessly lost in who knows where. Melissa suggested I just listen to "Daniel"....she knew I was not following his directions as he kept "recalculating". The GPS kept wanting to send us back to the highway, so he was not much help, either. Following my trusty compass instead, we eventually made it to the farm. Only 10 minutes late! But having left 10 minutes early, I guess that made us 20 minutes late?

Melissa accompanied me to Jonny's Cub Scout Pack meeting after dinner. I warned her that she would be bored, so as to be sure to bring her DS along. I had no idea how INCREDIBLY boring it was going to be. It was SO LONG and nonsensical, and disorganized. All the kids were advancing ranks. But instead of advancing each den as a group, each kid went through the steps individually. With about 100 kids, it was purely tortuous. To make things worse, we were missing the first storm of the season (I LOVE thunderstorms) sitting in the stupid cafeteria with no windows, but hearing the thunder and pounding of the rain. After 90 minutes of pure mental agony, I was hoping for a tornado to rip me out of this place. On the positive side, I got to enjoy some wonderful time with Melissa. We played tic tac toe, hangman, and had a few plates of appetizers. Jonny's group was finally called last (of course), and after enduring 2 of the longest and worst wasted hours of my life, we were set free. Jonny, on the other hand, had had a great time hanging out with his friends and goofing around....I had to DRAG him out of there. He didn't want to leave! I guess the length of time all depends on your perspective.

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