Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Drive

A bad headache day again.....this time it was a set up of a perfect storm as I had forgotten my evening and morning meds (beta blockers), the baby did not fall back to sleep after I got back from the concert until after 2am, I did not have my morning cappuccino or Cherry Coke, I had not been in my perfect bed with my perfect pillows, and the weather was wacky. Oh boo hoo for me.

Melissa cried on the way home from my parents house.....none of the kids wanted to leave. Because they only live an hour away, we do not usually stay overnight. But I think that is part of the piece that is so nice for the kids: to go away to Grandma's house and stay, have good food that Grandma makes for them, have Grandpa read them the Sunday morning a mini vacation. More quality time spent instead of fitting small moments into big family gatherings and parties. Melissa made me turn off the radio because she did not want to hear the sad songs that reminded her of "having fun at a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's house and now not." *wah!*

The gas meter binged on empty when we were in the middle of country roads coming the back way home. I have now had this vehicle for more than 3-1/2 years, and I still can not manage to check the gas gauge. I have only filled the tank 3 or 4 times before the empty warning light has come on. Not safe planning. As a first for me, I ended up filling the tank without turning the engine off(I usually always turn it to radio only to keep the kids happy and baby asleep, and thought I had done that today)....golly gee. In fact, with all the crazy driving I was doing in the cities this weekend, how much assistance the little kids needed in the truck without big boys beside them, and my pre- and post- headache symptoms making me a little "off", Alex can now write an entire book about 'What NOT to do While Driving'. Or maybe 'Driving with Dummies'.

As we pulled away from the gas station without creating any explosive fireballs in our wake, it began to SNOW. ARGGG!!!! Within 2 minutes, the flakes had become so large and plentiful that it was like a blizzard! We could only see one car ahead of us! Luckily we were only 5 minutes from home, so I knew the path well (however, it would not have surprised me at all to have ended up in the ditch considering my driving performance this weekend). The kids jumped out of the car in our driveway and caught the ginormous flakes on their tongues. Laura asked us if it tasted "spicy". Now that would be some interesting snow! But seriously, is Spring EVER going to arrive this year??

The rest of our Sunday was par usual....the kids had rehearsal from 5-8pm, Tubby would not settle down at church, so I stayed and helped in the nursery instead (getting puked on by somebody else's kid), Alex had youth group from 7-9pm, and Michael had hockey that most of us watched the second half of. My headache never ceased.....naughty thing. Oh....and it is snowing again. *sigh*

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