Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lovely Day for a Bike Ride

The cloudy morning gave way to the most beautiful day of 2008 yet. Bob was out golfing for the day, Alex and Jonny were back home from early church with daddy, and the rest of us were saving church for 5pm. After lunch, Jonny and Crispy used all their strength to bring up my bike and the cumbersome bike trailer from the basement. We pumped the deflated tires, hooked up the trailer, strapped in the little kids, and went on a very nice ride into town. The temperature was hovering just below 70 degrees. If every day of summer were like this, I would be a very happy lady. We biked the mile and a half to Angel Lucy park at the elementary school. Poor crispy was on his itty bitty bike with training wheels.....moving his little legs as fast as he could was still painfully slow for the rest of us. He really needs to accomplish riding on his new bigger bike!

The park was full with other families enjoying the day also. We spent 30 minutes swinging, and Crispy showing off his new monkey bar skills, before our trip back home. The ride back was a bit easier for Crispy as most of it was downhill. We got home with about 2 minutes to spare before heading off to performance rehearsals and church.

After dropping Jonny off at the church, we ran over to a few sport shops to look for a new pair of skates for Melissa. Luck was not on our side today as recreational skating is out of season. We did, however, find a beautiful new bike for Jonny. He has never had his very own bike that worked. And with how much he enjoys riding, he really deserves something nice of his own. I felt so sad for him the other day as I was trying to fix up Alex's bike for him (using a pair of hedging shears because our tools are NEVER where they are suppose to be). I was ecstatic to see a gorgeous red (Jonny's favorite color) mountain bike hanging from the rack. It was screaming Jonny's name. It is the coolest bike with lots of shocks, and an extremely comfortable ride. The best was totally on sale for almost half off! I could not resist it after being so disappointed by the prices at Erik's Bike Shop 2 weeks ago (most were easily over $400)...that had led me to give Jonny Alex's bike instead.

Jonny was quite surprised upon seeing this new item in the truck after church. Once home, he spent the evening riding around. His report is quite positive and he gives the bike several thumbs up. Alex went to youth group for 30 minutes after his girlfriend left....they had been working on a project for Language Arts. I hope I will get to read it. They are both so smart that I am certain it is quite good. Tubby & I spent the night watching Michael's hockey game. I had fun chatting with some other moms, and Tubby enjoyed scooting around, hiding under tables and chairs. Finally back at home, we watched Survivor, then crashed before the beginning of another busy week. And for a Sunday, today felt really good!

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