Saturday, April 19, 2008

March of the Pelicans

Crazy morning at the Zajac household. Jonny had a soccer game. Michael was going paintballing. Melissa and I were heading up to a Girl Scout Earth Day event in Maple Grove. Laura needed a neb. My parents were on their way to watch the boys' soccer games. All of these things had the time stamp of 9:15am. And though it truly felt crazy at the time, with everyone trying to get ready with appropriate gear and necessities for the day, running around making lunches for later, water bottles for 5 of us, collecting wayward soccer jerseys, shin guards, supplies for "camp", phone calls for rides and announcing hockey cancellations, arranging who goes where, when, and how...time stopped still with a simple text message: "Sharon's in the hospital." Followed by more.."They're doing some tests." and "They think it's MS."

Whoa. This couldn't be. See, Bob's brother and Sharon are blessed. They are a rare find of people that really have it ALL together, and are blissfully happy in love and life. They married last May, and we have all been positively affected by their overflowing love for each other and for the Lord. This love has no limits, as it bubbles over and touches the lives of everyone they come into contact with. To be with them is to experience love. To watch them is to experience life. And for a brief moment, that all came to a screeching halt.

The tests confirmed that Sharon indeed has moderate MS. With the extent of it, she has most likely had it for a while and just not known. Despite what could have been viewed as a devastating diagnosis, Bill & Sharon took it all in stride, and thanked God that it was not something worse. Now they wait to learn more and find out what to do next. The rest of us remained in mild shock throughout the day.


Jonny played well and had a good game. Crispy played later in the morning and said he had fun too. Both boys felt special that Grandma and Grandpa had come out to watch. They would have stayed the afternoon to watch Melissa's game too, but it became clear that we would not be back in time, as we were scheduled for a tree planting at that hour. I think all the kids still at home enjoyed special time with them. Too bad they don't live next door!(hint, hint)

Melissa had a great day as well. A few of the girls did not show up at the designated meeting spot, so we were allowed to bring the neighbor girl with us for the day. This was nice for Melissa as she is very comfortable with Kirsten and enjoys spending time with her. Even though the weather was dreary, windy and cold, the girls had a great time playing recycling games, picking up litter around the park, making a planter with real wood, hammer, and nails, completing a medallion hunt, making an herb garden, planting a tree, and making a chalk mural. The other mom and I were freezing, and I was trying to keep the baby warm with miscellaneous blankets. It was warm in Waconia when we had left this morning, so we were only prepared for spring. However, by this lake, it was at least 20 degrees colder and windy, and I was NOT prepared. Four bone chilling hours later, we convinced the girls that they wanted to go home. They reluctantly conceded, and with a tree in one hand and a packet of flower seeds in another, they piled into the truck, recounting all of the fun activities of the day.

Once home, things settled down quite a bit. The girls (including Kirsten) became busy with Webkinz. Crispy and I worked on riding his bike without training wheels. I have never taught any of my kids how to ride....Bob has always done that. I don't think I am doing it right, because it sure seems to be taking a long time. Tubby was happy to be out of the cold stroller, and onto the floor where he could scoot around freely again. At 5pm, as Michael was walking in the door from a day of paintball, it began raining Lil Kinz (small Webkinz) in our foyer. The kids were all eagerly reaching up their arms excitedly grabbing these little falling gems. After that event, I'd be surprised if any of them will be able to recall anything else that happened in their day.

Looking out at our lake, I noticed it full of big white birds. The egrets have been out there for over one week, but the lake seemed especially full today. As I looked closer from my deck, two beautiful birds flew overhead....they were pelicans! They took their spot in the lake with the rest of the clan. What a treat! Each year, the pelicans make a 7 day stop in Waconia on their way to the Florida coast. Every year, they have spent this "rest stop" in the Lake Waconia Bay. But here they were, resting in our lake today! Perhaps it is due to so much ice remaining on the big lake this year? I called the kids out to view, and they were only marginally impressed. We were a long way away, and they did not look like anything much more than large white blobs floating on the water en masse. But before they returned to their brand new Webkinz, two more big birds flew overhead, allowing the kids to get a glimpse of their massive beaks. What a good example of how time and life just continue to march on no matter what else may be in the way.

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